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What people have said...

"One of the most unusual psychics on the Planet! Colorful, charismatic, visionary, and engaging on so many levels. A lightworker with a golden heart. Some have said that he has a way with words; others said he has so many words. To me, Daved Beck is unique, and I appreciate the goodness of his heart."

Maximillien de Lafayette, Lightworkers 2013: The Best, The Friendliest, The Certified & The Most Honest

"Daved Beck is initially confoundingly positive. After a few minutes, though, it becomes clear that his bright energy comes from walking the proverbial walk. He puts his own ideas and philosophies in practice, proving his point by being a living example. My radio audience has been enriched and encouraged by Daved's guidance toward attaining the seemingly unattainable and living an overall happier life."

Larry Flick, "OutQ in the Morning with Larry Flick" (Sirius XM radio)

"I am truly amazed at our conversation for he told me things that were going on in my life that he could not have known and also what I need to do to clear these things up.  He is quite an extraordinary man with an extraordinary gift."  Sean D. Hamilton

"For me, Daved was clearly #1.  He has read my cards on numerous occasions - each time, spot on, informative, and even cautionary when called to do so.  It's incredible to me how accurate he is.  Daved also coaches as he works....bonus!  He doesn't "tell" me what to do.  Rather, he gives me permission to grow in each moment."  Jo Lynn Bartlett, RN

"Daved Beck is absolutely amazing in his openness to receive messages that convey the wisdom and clarity that I seek.  The knowledge that I have gained with readings from Daved are always timely.  He is truly one of the best psychics to come along and we are all blessed to having such a loving presence that is Daved Beck."  Thank you, Judit

"I would like to offer a rousing endorsement for Daved Beck.  My experience with him tells me that his abilities are astounding.  He was able to tap into information about me that was quite personal.  For me, that is a mark of a talented psychic.  He was also a guest on my radio show called, "It's All About Relationships.  I would add that Daved is what I call a 'grounded psychic'; quite natural and not what would be referred to as 'cosmic foo foo'.  He is approachable and comforting which makes him appealing to work with."  Edie Weinstein

"Daved Beck is genuine and compassionate, yet firm.  He has seen amazing things and I trust him fully.  He approaches life and readings with passion and love, and most importantly, a sense of humor.  I love my time with Daved. " Natalie Mikolajczak, RP

"I had the good fortune to receive a reading from Daved about a year or so ago.  My husband passed away five years ago and I was having a difficult time reconciling that fact.  I needed reassurance that he was in a better place and that his passing was not n vain.   Daved was able to pinpoint several character traits about my husband that he could not possibly have known.  He mentioned different quirks about my husband and a few very personal occurrences that let me know he was right on track with his intuition.  When the reading concluded, I had a great sense of relief about the situation and a brighter outlook on life."  Vivian Grzyb

"I had a reading with Daved a little over a year ago and it greatly changed my life. He told me things that only my family would know. He provided an important message from my mother, which was AMAZING!! The reading brought me much peace and comfort.  I know that my mom is still with me and that she is still looking out for me from the other side.  I still miss her presence deeply but I do not doubt, for one second, that there is something more after this life.  I will be forever grateful to Daved.  He gave me the ability to let go of the pain after losing both my mom and sister and I have been able to go on with my life."  Jennifer Phillips

"I recall vividly the first time I spoke on the phone with Daved for a life coaching session.  Our paths crossed at a time when I felt 'lost,' in deep pain and unsure of my future, both personally and professionally.  I was in a dark place resulting from the loss of my youngest child.  Through working with Daved, I came to a deeper understanding of myself.  With his kind insight, I was able to learn that I was still harboring trauma that stemmed from a troubled childhood I had hidden from, not just the world, but also myself.  This, along with the grief of losing my child, sent me hurling into emotional chaos.  I had tried counseling (which failed), but when I worked with Daved, I was able to 'see' and understand fully the true me and to finally be able to heal and learn to love myself.  Consequently, I was able to feel at peace and to find joy in my life again. Daved has an uncanny ability to 'read' through your emotions and put you in a place where you feel complete trust, an unspoken understanding of who you are and where you are, which enables you to be open and free.  Free to release the fear, the blame, the anger, and ultimately, free to forgive and to love and live again with peace and happiness, something I never thought I would have again. Daved's insight, love, and compassion in his field as a psychic and life coach allowed me to heal as a mother and grow personally and professional.  But most of all, I know that I am a better human being for having worked with him and will forever be grateful."  Debi Tibbles

"Daved Beck's spirit is very warm, friendly, loving, and authentic.  He is here doing his work to help our planet and souls to transition into a higher realm.  I am also a light-worker but sometimes even we get stuck in this human world and mindset.  Daved has helped me release what no longer serves me and help me to push forward into the space I desire."  Jennifer Osika

"Daved helped me connect with a dear loved one whom I lost so many years ago and still miss tremendously.  His gift helped me to finally let go of the past and to begin a new journey towards the future.  I consider him to be the shining example of what a light-worker should esteem to be."  Kantrice Ogletree

"In the reading, Daved quickly zeroed in on some issues that concerned me.  I let him just go for it, as I figured that Spirit was going to tell me what I needed to know.  I got some good insight and advice and left the session feeling inspired, grateful, and happy. "  Bernard Zalewski

"I am the hostess of Renee "LIVE", which is a spiritual / paranormal radio show.  Daved Beck was a guest on my show.  Daved was put to the test of his fabulous gifts and abilities. He was able to mention things about myself that no one else knew, in regard to a distant family member I hadn't seen in 20 years.  While conducting the interview with Daved, the phone lines were opened to callers with questions.  We took four callers in the allocated 30-minute segment of the show.  Daved was not only accurate with each of the callers, but was able to effectively assist them in the short amount of time allotted for each caller.  Daved was honest and compassionate and wasted no time offering what spirit had to say.  The accuracy of the readings were on the mark."  Renee Tennant

"I have had Daved Beck on our radio show, "Paranormal Review Radio" several times and each time he has amazed and enlightened our listeners tremendously.  He has such an aura and spirit about him that you can't just turn a switch and gain.  This is something he has had within him since birth, when he was destined to be the light-worker that he is."   Anthony Agate

"I have had the honor of having Daved Beck read for me on more than one occasion.  He is very insightful, intuitive, and has a strong connection with higher vibrational beings.  He has a great amount of integrity, compassion, and understanding. He is never judgmental and has a way of making me feel comfortable telling him very personal matters of the heart and life.  He never sugar coats his sessions, but is gentle in his answers, understanding the need to tell it like it is, bu in the most caring way possible.  He is not one to beat around the bush and waste time and, therefore, money for his clients.  I have been to many other readers in the past and by far, Daved Beck is the most accurate, truthful, well-rounded, and gifted."  Darla Tegtmeier

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