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Daved Beck Live!

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Psychic Medium Readings 

Daved Beck believes that we are all artists of our own lives, producers and choreographers, creating our own unique dance through the choices we make, songs we sing, and words we speak. By being inspired by the world around us and  aligned with Spirit, we co-create our destiny.


In a session, Daved helps you assemble the puzzle pieces of your life, your memories, images, and experiences so that you can empower yourself to create the true vision of your future. He can relay messages from your loved ones in spirit, your ethereal angels, who can act as your guides to support you in releasing emotional fears from your ancestral lineage so that you can be free to transform your life. 

You will leave a reading with greater clarity, feeling energized, focused, and healed.  In addition, Daved will provide you with tools to support you in evolving to the next level of your growth after the reading.  


All readings are conducted by telephone or zoom, so you can experience a reading in the comfort of your own home.

Book a Psychic Reading with Daved Today!

Life Coaching

Personal Evolution Program:

In this 12-week (1 hour per week) life coaching program, you will uncover the blocks that have stopped you in the past and experience a life filled with freedom, success, fulfillment, and love.   

Daved Beck is a Certified Life Coach, specializing in uncovering and mastering emotional fear. Daved uses a no-nonsense and compassionate approach that creates a FUN and uplifting experience for you.  He will support you in your personal accountability, celebrating your wins and successes, and serve as your personal cheerleader throughout his coaching program.


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Personal Evoluton Prgram, Level I

Book a Personal Evolution Program
with Daved today!

Ready to go deeper in your
Personal Evolution?

​After you complete Personal Evolution, Level I, Daved offers three options to take you even deeper:

Interested in Booking Daved for a Private Group Reading?


Bring your family, friends, co-workers, or even a group of strangers together and book a gallery group reading with Daved.  He will come to you, live and in-person, to share his gifts with your small group.  In this intimate setting, Daved will share messages from loved ones in spirit and provide a very unique, individualized experience for everyone in attendance.   It is truly a celebration of spirit and life! 

"Several months ago, I was invited to attend a group session and Daved was the special guest.  He started to speak and I instantly started to feel at ease.  His words,  mannerisms, look....everything about him was peaceful - which is strange because is presence is so powerful!  He began to go around the room connecting some of us with our departed loved ones.  I was fortunate enough to have him connect with my daughter's boyfriend, who was taken tragically, along with my grandmother.  Although I still carry pain in my heart for those losses, Daved left me with a sense of peace knowing that they are okay and with me.  I was thrilled!  He is just awesome and is certainly one of the best, if not the best mediums and healers I know's hard to find someone who is genuine and trustworthy.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet Daved!  He is number one in my eyes."               Kim Morgan

For information on booking a private event, simply contact Daved here.

"Daved was insightful.  He was able to not only sum up my past and present, but steered me in a direction that was reasonable and accurate for my lifestyle.  I have put into practice 90% of what was advised for me to do, and my life has gotten 90% better!  I cannot wait to be able to put into practice the next 10%."  Dwayne Tazzetto

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